BU Series Offline UPS

  1. Automatic voltage regulation;
  2. High-quality China-made materials to ensure high power output of Transformer;
  3. Great battery capacity ensuring the high performance of UPS;
  4. High-voltage protection and low-voltage protection;
  5. Short-circuit protection and overload protection;


  1. Wide range of input voltage: 165V±5V~275V±5V to avoid frequent switching to battery mode and prolong battery service life.
  2. Automatic voltage regulation to ensure safe load operation within voltage range.
  3. Support DC cold boot and operation without AC input.
  4. Advanced broadband input technology; frequency range: 40~70HZ; maintain normal operation even in case of serious frequency fluctuation of AC; strong compatibility with motor.
  5. Auto power-off in case of under voltage of battery due to long interruption of AC, and auto power-on and auto recharging battery once AC supply resumes.
  6. Protection against battery under voltage, overload, output short circuit and over temperature, inhibit surge interference suppression, noise reduction, and lightning protection.
  7. Excellent battery management and automatic regulation of final voltage for battery discharge according to load capacity to prolong battery service life and enhance UPS utilization.
  8. Protect battery from depth discharge, auto power-off within one minute in case of empty load in battery mode to save energy.
  9. DB-9P or USB interface built-in for auto save, auto power-off, real-time monitoring and management of UPS status.