CHV180 series Special Inverter for Elevator

CHV180 series is a special inverter designed for elevator. It can not only control the traditional traction machine with gear, but also new kind ones without gear. Its outstanding performance can match with elevator control logic. And can ensure the safety and comfort ability. CHV180 applied to application of elevator whose speed is less than 4 m/s.


  1. Compatible with asynchronous and synchronous motor
  2. Torque compensation without load sensor: (With sin/cos encoder), can control the synchronous traction machine without gear to smoothly start.
  3. Torque compensation with load sensor: avoid reverse slipping when starts.
  4. Identify initial angle of pole at static: For permanent magnet synchronous motor, it can autotune at static status (with SIN/COS encoder), and do not need to disconnect the load.
  5. S-curve: make sure to be comfort when elevator accelerates, decelerates and stops.
  6. Brake and contact control: Control the brake and contact according to the running logic of elevator so that ensure safety.
  7. Optimize speed loop: For high dynamic response, the speed loop adopts variable proportional and integral gains.
  8. Forced slow down function: Prevent the elevator to be top-crashing or bottom-crashing.
  9. Emergency operation function: Leveling the nearest floor automatically.
  10. Energy saving operation mode: Select RBU to save energy.