DB1000 Series Digital Indicating Controller

The DB1000 series is a 96 X 96mm digital indicating controller with the indicating accuracy of ±0.1% and the control cycle of approximately 0.1 seconds. Various functions including universal input and multiple setting values (8 types) are provided as standard.


  • Large easy-to-view 5-digit display
  • Highly-functional operation screen and settings screen
  • Outstanding controllability
  • Operability inheriting previous models
  • High-precision remote signal input and transmission signal output
  • 24V power supply voltage type available
  • Motor feedback value indication enabled in ON-OFF servo output type
  • Universal input
  • 2 colors of casing available
  • Conforming to international safety standards and European directives (CE)
  • Conforming to RoHS


Control mode(Output No.1) Types
ON-OFF pulse type PID DB1010B000
ON-OFF servo type PID(Standard load specification) DB1020B000
Current output type PID DB1030B000
SSR drive pulse type PID DB1050B000
Voltage output type PID DB1060B000
ON-OFF servo type(Very light load specification) DB1080B000