L&T Switchgear

Substation Automation Systems

Power, a non-renewable source of energy is one of the most focused industries today. For systematic power distribution, power has to be healthy. At every substation level the parameters are checked to determine the condition of power. These parameters go through different stages of checking, rectifying, controlling, etc which are performed at substation level.

Motor Control Centre

Assemblies operating below 1000 voltage are called low voltage switchgear assemblies. The criticality of the assemblies varies according to their application area.

Ring Main Unit

The Type GR-1 RMU is designed with a combination of innovation and state-of-art insulation principles & current interruption techniques. GR1 is available for 12kV which can withstand 20kA for 3 seconds. This outdoor design is safe to operate with the help of mimic diagram & position indicators to guide operators. All passive interlocks, comprehensive padlocks are designed for user friendly operations and are safe.

Gas Insulated Switchgear

Gas insulated switchgear assemblies are gaining importance because of the innate advantage of compactness. Inert, non-flammable SF6 provides three time stronger insulation than air; hence using it as an insulation medium allows for drastic reduction of size and space for high voltage switchgear assemblies. Our GV3 series gas insulated switchgear has a sealed tank design suitable for polluted environments, additionally it requires minimum maintenance.

Air Insulated Switchgear

L&T’s medium voltage switchgear assemblies are designed from 3.3 to 36 kV. All these are designed for indoor application considering customers’ space constraints. The VH-AIS range of switchgear has a metal clad design, and its robust construction ensures it functions well even in adverse environment conditions. We give you a choice of fixed or withdrawable Vacuum Circuit Breakers in the assembly.