LVD Systems

CHV180 series Special Inverter for Elevator

CHV180 series is a special inverter designed for elevator. It can not only control the traditional traction machine with gear, but also new kind ones without gear. Its outstanding performance can match with elevator control logic. And can ensure the safety and comfort ability. CHV180 applied to application of elevator whose speed is less than 4 m/s.

CHV Series Medium Voltage Vector Control Inverter

CHV series Medium Voltage Vector Control Inverter adopts Dual-CPU (DSP +MCU) control platform, whose function algorithm and performance algorithm are completely separated. The information is transmitted by optical fiber which is conducive to Safety properties and Steady performance.

CHV110 series Energy Saving Cabinet

CHV110 energy saving cabinet is the special inverter for the Injection molding machine. It takes full advantage of vector control technology to avoid the influencing product cycle time problem of V/f control mode; meanwhile it can save more energy. It can be used for air compressor, central air-conditioning system and escalator.

CHF100A series High Performance Universal Inverter

CHF100A series high performance universal inverter is the enhanced edition of CHF series, which is combined the advantage of CHF100 & CHE100. It adopts the DSP control system supplies sensorless vector control and V/f control. The performance is more perfect and stable. It is widely applied in Pump & Fan and some applications with high speed control accuracy, rapid torque response and high performance at low frequency.

Goodrive100 Series Economic Vector Control Inverter

Gooddrive100 inverter contains both V/F and sensorless vector control. Uses newly designed platform to provide excellent motor drive performance and is a simple, high performance product aimed at the general inverter market.

Goodrive200 Series General Purpose Inverter

The Goodrive200 inverter adopts DSP control system platform and uses vectorized V/F control technology.Compatible with many types of protection methods. Can be used with asynchronous motors, Providing excellent driving performance. The product's air duct design, hardware configuration, and software capabilities all greatly improve the customer usability and environmental availability.

Goodrive300 Inverter

Goodrive 300 is a high-performance vector control inverter developed by INVT, and it is applicable to asynchronous motor and synchronous motor for speed control. It adopts 32-digit DSP and advanced vector control algorithm to achieve high performance and high precision in motor drive control. This inverter features high reliability, strong adaptability to working environment, human-oriented function, flexible application and stable performance.

Goodrive100-01 Variable Frequency Drive for PV Pump

INVT Goodrive100-01 Variable Frequency Drive is positioned in environmental-friendly and economical PV market, the product is applicable to PV pump system, replaces water storage with electric storage and needs no battery modules. The direct current generated by solar modules is input to the inverter and then converted into the alternating current to drive various pumps directly. Additionally, the output frequency is adjustable in real time according to sunlight intensity change.

Goodrive10 series mini inverter

Goodrive10 Mini economic inverters are developed for general applications of small power and OEM market. It applies V/f control technology, making the functions of PID, multiple-speed step, DC braking, Modbus communication, as well as less installation space (15% smaller than the counterparts) available.

Goodrive300-02 Flange-Mounting Drive

By the design of flange-mounting structure, Goodrive300-02 inverter, a special product developed according to the application features of textile industry, can effectively avoid foreign objects such as cotton fiber, dust and oil causing secondary pollution to the inverter and improve the temperature in the electrical cabinet and air ducts.