BPJ1 Series Mining Explosion-proof and Intrinsic Safety Inverters

Based on many years of R&D experience of INVT in inverters and GB3836 national standards, BPJ1 series mining explosion-proof and intrinsic safety inverters are the electrical products having passed the strict certification tests of MA Center and Explosion-proof Test Station and completely satisfying explosion-proof and intrinsic safety isolation in coal mines.

Goodrive1000 Series Special Inverters for Coal Machine

Goodrive1000 series special inverters for coal machine are variable frequency drive units with compact structure and excellent performance. The products are applied to coal cutters, continuous miners and shuttle cars in mine industry.

Goodrive3000 Series Medium Voltage Inverters

Goodrive3000 series medium voltage inverters are special products designed for the motor loads at specific voltage degrees in mine and oil industry. The products apply advanced three-level topological structure and AFE rectifier technology and possess excellent drive performance. The new and compact modular design meets the special needs of mining explosion-proof devices.