EWAC Teromatec Product Range

Product Main Uses Tensile Strength in PSI Hardness
OA 501 Impact resistance with good work hardening properties. Build-up & protective coating of Crusher roll hammers, Rail frogs, Crossovers, Shovel teeth etc.    As Deposited-22 HRC( 3 layers ) Work Hardened-45 HRC ( 3 layers)
OA 510 Good impact resistance with good comprehensive strength. Joining of Crane jibs, Truck chassis & Heavy equipment maintenance 70000  
OA 511 Abrasion resistance with good compressive strength. Hard-facing of Crusher parts, Conveyor screws, Mantles, Mill guides, Bucket teeth etc.   50-58 HRC
OA 512 Excellent resistance to abrasion & erosion upto 650 Deg. Hard-facing of Sinter handling equipment, Coke pusher shoes, Clinker conveyor chains etc.    58-64 HRC ( 3 Layers)
OA 521 For repair & joining application on difficult steels, low & high alloy & Mn steels. Also suitable for using as cushion layer under wear resistant coating  65 Kg /mm2  
OA 540 For buttering layers prior to harder overlays & wear preventive coating of Crane wheels, Crusher cylinder, Shovel buckets etc.   As Deposited-90 Hrb( 3 layers ) Work Hardened-42 HRC ( 3 layers)
OA 562 Good resistance to compression & plastic deformation. For re-building & reclamation of Chain guide rolls, Worn parts on bulldozers, severely worn out parts   25-35 HRC
OA 564 Excellent resistance to impact, galling & scoring. For re-conditioning of Drive sprockets, Crusher rolls & Jaws, Track pads, Dozer blades etc. 55 Kg/mm2  
OA 566 Excellent impact resistance & good compressive strength. Joining of Crane jibs, Truck chassis & Heavy equipment maintenance 87000  
OA 570 Excellent resistance to Grinding abrasion with compression & impact. For hard-facing of Excavator teeth, Dredger buckets, Crusher augurs, Conveyor parts etc.   50 58 HRC ( 3 Layers)
OA 688 Repair & re-conditioning of Bearing housing, Gears, Jaw crusher plates. Designed for joining MS, Low alloy, Medium alloy, SS & Dissimilar steels 105000  
OA 2110 Joining of Crane jibs, Truck chassis & Heavy equipment maintenance. Impact  resistance with good compressive strength 72000  
OA 3110 Good resistance to compression & plastic deformation. Ideal for reclamation of Chain guide rolls, Worn out parts in earth moving equipment   25-35 HRC
OA 3205 Excellent resistance to impact & abrasion-Work hardens to service. Ideal application Track pads, Crusher hammers, Blow bar & bucket repairs   As Deposited - 18-22 HRC ( 3 layers) Work Hardened-35-45 HRC ( 3 layers) 
OA 3302 Versatile austenitic Cr Ni Mn alloy for high resistance to impact, pressure & metal to metal wear-ideal application -Gyratory crusher cones, Drive sprockets, Mill guides etc.   As Deposited - 85-90 Hrb ( 3 layers) Work Hardened-25-30 HRC ( 3 layers) 
OA 3952 Refractory carbides in tough matrix withstands abrasion, erosion & corrosion. Ideal application Sinter handling equipment, Coke crusher shoes, Hot slag conveyor.   58-63 HRC
OA 4415 Special heat treatment alloy with excellent resistance to impact & compressive load. Ideal for wear protection on Drill bits, Grab buckets, Dragline teeth, Crusher hammer etc.   52-55 HRC
OA 4601 Excellent resistance to abrasion combined with impact & compression. Ideal application in quarry, cement, dredging & foundry industries   50-55 HRC
OA 4625 Weld metal gives good resistance to abrasion, pressure & moderate impact conditions. Ideal application Screw conveyor, Crusher hammers, Track rollers etc.   46-52 HRC
OA 4630 Proprietary alloy steel formulation in a tough matrix excellent for fine particle abrasion or erosion under moderate impact conditions. Ideal application Mixer blades, Humidifier paddles, ID fans, Drag chains etc.   62-67 HRC
OA 4907 Continuous electrode for rapid joining, fillet welding & build of low carbon steels. Repair to Machine bases, Housings, Tanks, Maintenance of heavy mining equipment 80000 15-25 HRC
DO* 390 N Revolutionary Nano technology wire for severe abrasion & erosion at elevated temperatures-750 Deg service condition. Ideal application Grizzly bars, Exhaust fans, Mixer blades, Furnace chutes   1st layer-64-66 HRC