Goodrive100-01 Variable Frequency Drive for PV Pump

INVT Goodrive100-01 Variable Frequency Drive is positioned in environmental-friendly and economical PV market, the product is applicable to PV pump system, replaces water storage with electric storage and needs no battery modules. The direct current generated by solar modules is input to the inverter and then converted into the alternating current to drive various pumps directly. Additionally, the output frequency is adjustable in real time according to sunlight intensity change.


  1. Maximizing power generation efficiency of solar modules with the use of advanced MPPT control technology;
  2. Adjusting water outflow of pumps quickly on basis of sunlight intensity change;
  3. Automatic hibernation and wakeup;
    1. Hibernate at high water level and wake up at low water level;
    2. Hibernate at sunrise and sunset and wake up at strong sunlight.
  4. Underload protection and fault protection of water level sensor avoiding pumping off after water supply dries up ;
  5. TI DSP technology and Infineon PIM design, with functions of overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protection, built-in C3 filter, achieving reliable, automatic and unattended running.