HT11/HT31 Series Online UPS

HT11/HT31 series power supply adopts online double conversion design and digital control technology, and it features high input and output power factor, self-adaptive output frequency according to input frequency, intelligent battery management and excellent network management.


  1. High-performance DSP, precision and fast data processing, high reliability.
  2. Super wide range of input frequency (40~70HZ)and self-adaptive output frequency 50/60HZ to fit in with various motors.
  3. Zero switching time.
  4. Detection against reverse connection of null line and live wire.
  5. DC starting (cold boot) for easy operation.
  6. Auto reboot functions.
  7. Auto detection.
  8. Overload, short circuit, over voltage, and undervoltage,bypassing, emergency shutdown and other protection functions.
  9. Intelligent battery management for long service life.
  10. RS232 interface, intelligent slot, USB and EPO communication interface for excellent network management and remote monitoring.