HT33 Series Online UPS

HT33 series is a high-end power supply which utilizes high technologies in power electronics industry. It features innovative design and incomparable reliability and performance. It has high input power factor and low input current distortion, which ensure effective energy conservation and environmental protection. It has high overall efficiency, which ensures low power consumption. 6 sets of HT33 series UPS can work together by parallel connection.


  1. Online power supply, three-phase input and output, double conversion, it can support 380/400/415V,50/60Hz power grid, excellent performance of power supply and load protection.
  2. Strong load adaptability, overload capacity and short-circuit capacity
  3. Super wide range of input voltage and frequency, adaptable to adverse power grid, connectible with fuel generator.
  4. Input power factor as high as: 0.99; input harmonic current: 95%; green product, high efficiency and energy saving.
  5. Digital control of rectification, inverter, charging and discharging via DSP.
  6. Digital circulation control, high reliability of parallel operation.
  7. Intelligent battery management scheme for long service life.
  8. Intelligent self diagnosis , complete record of system failure, large memory space for saving history.
  9. Front panel for easy maintenance, inlet wire from top to bottom, space-saving footprint for easy installation.
  10. Modularized design of subsystem for easy onsite maintenance.
  11. Redundancy design for all built-in fans to greatly enhance system reliability.
  12. Friendly human-machine interface, large LCD touch screen and console keypad, a great amount of information.
  13. EPO button on front panel for emergency shutdown.
  14. Super long mean time between failures (>200,000h), super short mean time between overhauls (
  15. Various optional accessories: dust screen, SNMP network communication card, lightning-protection module, battery temperature compensator, and SMS alarm.
  16. Three-proofing treatment of all circuit boards.