EC100 series elevator intelligent integrated machine

EC100 series elevator intelligent integrated machine is an intelligent network product which combined the lift logic controller and drive technology. With the advantages of advanced vector control technology, intelligent elevator control technology, network communication technology, and compatible with synchronous and asynchronous motor, it’s the high-efficiency and energy-saving lift controller, and reaches the highest level in domestic industry.

Technical Features

  1. Maximum speed: 6m/s; number of floor: 64 floors at most
  2. Group control for 8 elevators based on intelligent network management
  3. Advanced space vector algorithm, compatible interface for synchronous and asynchronous motors
  4. Excellent current vector control, zero-speed torque reaching 180% output capacity
  5. AC220V single-phase UPS, low voltage emergency response mode, auto search for light load
  6. Open-type PLG programming control allowing user to replace and change a part of input/output points and offering user a platform for second development and realizing the uniqueness of products.
  7. Handheld exerciser with human-computer interface, online help in Chinese and English, debugging authority management, debugging trace management, parameters uploading and downloading, and data backup
  8. Handheld exerciser can be connected to lift car control unit via CAN interface to achieve quick parameter setting
  9. Support remote debugging or control by adding TCP/IP internet network module
  10. Support remote monitoring based on TCP/IP protocol and support GSM/3G wireless monitoring.

Technical Parameters

Model No.Rated Output Power (KW)Rated Output Current (A)Braking UnitBrake Resistor