LVD with Panel

CHH100 series High Voltage Frequency Inverter

CHH100 series high voltage which adopts Multilevel-SPWM control technology, can achieve speed control over the high voltage motor, and makes the best of variable-speed to increase the control level, and decrease the costs.


  1. Adopt power units cascade structure and Modular design of electronic building blocks.
  2. Multiple phase-shifting rectification technology, less harmonics and higher power factor. It can fulfill the most rigorous power quality requirements.
  3. Adopt multiple inverter technology, very small output harmonics, minimizing torque pulse, improving running efficiency.
  4. DSP+CPLD control platform, improving the Real-Time performance and reliability.
  5. Built-in PID regulator and terminal programmable function.
  6. Frequency given source: HMI, voltage source, current source, potentiometer, etc.
  7. AVR function: Keep constant output voltage when the input voltage is fluctuating.
  8. Protection function: short-circuit, over-current, over-load, over-voltage, etc.
  9. Multiple bypass function: Bypass the power unit at fault automatically.