Outdoor Oil Immersed CT PT Combined Metering Unit

Current and Potential Transformers are usually used as single phase units. However nowadays, Combined CT-PT units are the most commonly used variant of Current and Potential Transformers, especially while being used for metering purposes for single or multiple ratios. At times, an additional core is provided too for Protection Purpose. The Combined CT-PT Units is used for - 3 phase 3 wire metering system or for 3 phase 4 wire metering system. In case of Combined CT-PT Units we use a single unit consisting of 2/3 single phase CTs and one 3 phase PT in place of 2/3 single phase CTs and 3 single phase PTs.Advantages of using a combined unit in comparison to single phase units are:

  • Single compact unit. Easy to handle
  • Less in weight and volume compared to 5/6 single phase units
  • Low costs. Combined units are approximately 30-40 % cheaper compared to 5/6 single phase units

We manufacture two types of CT-PT Combined Metering Units based on client needs:

  • Type 1 : With HT insulators on the side of the unit
  • Type 2 : With HT insulators on top cover of the unit