Power Trading Services

Power Trading powered by analytics directed towards equitable growth.
Global Energy Pvt Ltd (GEPL) is engaged in the business of power trading and is focused on providing hassle-free energy transactions for its clients with all regulatory and strategic support for a quick, effective, single-window clearance.

GEPL has outlined the critical differences between pure power trading and energy production: GEPL does not trade energy on a speculative basis, but supports its esteemed clients with a data driven power market analysis to help clients get the best returns.

So far, GEPL has traded ~3 Billion Units of electricity and besides trading thermal power, GEPL is among the country’s biggest traders in green energy, especially from

  • Hydro and
  • Wind

Analytics Driven Methodology

We trade in power for its equitable distribution and thus contribute in our way to meet India’s burgeoning energy needs. Global Energy has gone on set benchmarks in analytics driven trading methods which are more scientific and logic driven hence ensuring delightful results to our customers. Quick and hassle free energy transactions with all regulatory and strategic support distinguish our Power Trading Services from the rest. Our focus on clean and renewable energy continues in the area of power trading as well through our specialization in wind and hydro.

Renewable Power Transactions

Global Energy is committed towards alternative energy and transition from expensive fossil fuel to freely available and clean sources of energy. The company actively engages and specializes in trading of Hydel energy. It is also active in certificates trading to support its clean energy initiatives. Our extensive advisory services have been geared to deliver key information required for setting up and running of power plants which are fueled by renewable resources.

Non Renewable Power Transactions

Non Renewable power continues to form the backbone of our country. Global Energy has been active in power trading of all types of power including that generated from fossil fuel. Our power trading spans across power trading in coal, gas and liquid fired power plants. Global warming is a huge issue and therefore cannot be ignored in the wake of burgeoning consumption of energy. The governments across the world have laid down strict regulations in this regard. Global Energy as a company has been working towards establishing a strong business models in power generation with non renewable resources thus making them eco compliant and profitable.

Power Supply via Open Access

With the rapid growth in industrialization, the cost of power plays a crucial role in deciding the cost of manufactured goods. With our services customers, that have a minimum load demand of 1MW or 1MVA, can source power with the best available price options at a guaranteed level and quality of supply so as to enable them concentrate on their core business strengths.