SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is monitoring and controlling industrial and manufacturing processes, and facilities. Several subsystems combine to make up an entire ICONICS SCADA solution. A HMI (Human Machine Interface) presents data to a human operator who can then monitor and control the process. Data acquisition is made possible through sensors placed throughout the process or facilities. To relay data from the remotely located sensors, different hardware and software systems utilize various open communication protocols, such as OPC, to communicate data to the HMI.

ICONICS embraces the open-communication standards, OPC and OPC UA, the widely accepted solution for intercommunicating different hardware and software. ICONICS solution for SCADA provides a complete view of your operation, including sparkling 3D graphics, trending, reporting and alarming. The ICONICS solution is scalable to meet the needs of your operation now and in the future. It has been installed on customer applications, from just a few hundred monitored points, to several million points, monitored from a single location.

Features Benefits
Exciting 3D animated graphics ICONICS provides unequaled 3D or 2D graphics, with the ability to animate any property of any object with real-time data. Powerful engineering tools are provided to greatly simplify the development of site graphics.
Completely Scalable Accommodates as many I/O points, remote assets and nodes as your operation requires.
Integration Via OPC and OPC UA, supports communications to literally 1000’s of different instruments and equipment.
Information Integration Integrates information from any SQL or ODBC compatible databases, and applications such as SAP. Integrates information via web services from any data source.
Unified View of Real-time Metrics and Historical Data Enable better decision making by providing immediate and easy access to key business information.