Solar EPC

We Provide End -to - End Services to Design the most Suitable and Optimal Solar Solutions to Residential, Commercial,Industrial & Institutional Customers.

Site & Energy Demand Assessments
Our Expert Team will visit your site to carry out site survey and will look for the possible shadow free area for Solar PV Power plant installation. Our team will also estimate your energy demand based on your Electricity bills. Based on the Site Survey and Energy Demand Assessment, best possible capacity for the Solar PV plant will be estimated.
Net Metering & Bank Finance Approval Assisstance
We will provide assistance in getting approval for Net Metering and Bank Finance facilities for Solar PV Power plant.
Project Management and Monitoring
We Provide services for online monitor of generation from your Solar PV Power plant. To get the best performance , we help you to maintain the Solar PV Power plan, through performance verification, periodic cleaning of equipment and repair of wear and tears.
Solar PV Power Plant Design & Installation
Our team will Design the most suitable and optimal Solar PV Power Plant for your rooftop.